Undergraduate Admissions

UPCAT Application

Graduates of accredited senior high schools may be admitted as freshmen into the BA Art Studies program based on the following:

  • Performance in the UP College Admission Test (UPCAT)
  • Weighted average of senior high school grades

The students choose the program while applying and decide on their area of concentration upon admission.

For more information on admissions, including scholarships, deadlines, and important announcements, visit the Office of the University Registrar website

You may also stay updated with the schedules by following the University of the Philippines Facebook page.

Shiftees and Transferees

Students who wish to shift from other UP Diliman colleges and units must have a GWA of 2.25, and at least 30 units of credit.  The department also requires that the student pass a written examination.  This examination is evaluated by a member of the faculty.

Students who wish to transfer from other UP constituent units, or other universities or colleges must meet the requirements for admission set by the University: i.e., a total of at least 33 units of credit, with a GWA of 2.0 in all courses and a passing mark in a written examination.

For more information on the shifting and transferring process, visit the Office of the University Registrar website.

For schedules for application, you may also check announcements posted on the College of Arts and Letters Facebook page.