Faces of Faith: Treasures of the Santiago Apostol Parish, Betis, Guagua, Pampanga

In partnership with the Santiago Apostol Parish in Betis and the Office for Extension Coordination and Office of Initiatives for Culture and the Arts, the Department of Art Studies extended its services to the parish in facilitating workshops on inventory management and collections care, and in writing about the objects that they have. Among the output of the extension service is this catalog of the cultural treasures of the parish, which holds essays on selected pieces in their collection, written by members of the faculty.

Suri Sining: The Art Studies Anthology

Published in celebration of the golden anniversary of the founding of the University of the Philippines Diliman Department of Humanities in 2009, this anthology attempts to cover the various fields of study as well as areas of debate in the discipline of art studies in the Philippines. It covers topics such as ‘History and Memory’, ‘Form and Feeling’, ‘Nationalism’, ‘Power’, ‘Ethnicity’, and ‘Gender and Sexuality’. The book also includes notes about the authors, who are the past and current faculty members.  

Paths of Practice: Selected Papers from the Second Philippine Art Studies Conference

This book is a collection of papers presented in the national conference held in 2010 at the National Museum in Manila. 

‘Working with the theme New Directions in Art Studies and the Humanities, the papers presented in the conference aim to chart new and emergent directions in art writing, pedagogy, criticism, and production of Philippine art. The selected papers chosen for this book thus reflect the spirit of forging new paths in the discipline that engages issues in Philippine art and society through cross-disciplinary perspectives.’ – an excerpt from Foreword.