Art Stud 143 Guest Lecture Series: Art and Artmaking in the Time of COVID – Session 6: Rocky Cajigan

Art Stud 143: Guest Lecture Series

Art and Artmaking in the Time of Covid-19

“Splitting Hairs”

Speaker: Rocky Cajigan

May 27, Thursday, 2:30 – 4:00pm

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Join us on May 27, 2021 2:30 pm, for the final installment of our Guest Lecture Series on “Art and Artmaking in the Time of Covid – 19.” The series is organized by students of Art Studies 143 (Contemporary Art), a course offered by the Department of Art Studies, University of the Philippines Diliman. 

In his paintings, installations, and assemblages, Rocky Cajigan explores material culture, indigeneity, and museology as entanglements in or possibilities for decolonization. His work is largely focused on identity questions and the transitioning of and decolonization in indigenous cultures. What does it mean to be indigenous now? Born in the Mountain Province, Rocky constantly re-imagines his personal history as part of an indigenous community. He examines the privileges, dangers, and insecurities this history holds in the formation of an identity in a place where decolonization is often coopted by capital experienced as hegemony, finance, and center.

Rocky Cajigan will share his experiences and insights on conceptualizing and producing artworks in this talk entitled, Splitting Hairs. He will discuss his artistic process in the creation of his works, like Ration Series, which remain relevant to ethnographic research, national identity, and indigenous communities in the Philippines. His works have already been exhibited in various countries, particularly, Philippines, Taiwan, and Nepal.

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This is the final event of the series. We thank you all for participating in our previous live sessions. We hope to see you in the future events of the Department!

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