Registration-Related Announcements | First Semester AY2020-2021

Prerog of GE Courses

  • No prerogs will be granted for the GE courses offered by the department: 
    • ARTS 1: Critical Perspectives in the Arts
    • Art Stud 2: Art Around Us: Exploring Everyday Life
  • 20 new sections of ARTS1 have been opened. You may add yourself into the waitlist for these sections using the CRS Online Waitlisting module. Waitlisting process is available here:

Registration Process

Registration Advisers

  • For advising, please refer to the list of registration advisers assigned per day of the registration week:
  • Send your advisement inquiries to one of the advisers assigned on that day. In your email, also indicate your full name, student number, program, and year in program. Refrain from sending an email to the registration advisers beyond office hours (8am-12nn and 1pm-5pm). 

Cancellations of Enlistment

  • For cancellations of enlistment to courses offered by the department, email Kindly indicate your full name, student number, and the enlisted course and section you wish to cancel.

Locking of Enlistments

  • Please make sure that you have consulted your curriculum checklists and the prerequisites of the courses you are enlisted in before you lock your enlistment in the CRS.
  • Send an email to a registration adviser assigned on that day once you have locked your enlistment. Indicate your full name and student number in your email. Please expect them to post-advise you or reach out to you at most after a working day.

Unlocking of Locked Enlistments

  • For requests to unlock the locked enlistments of DAS majors, email Kindly indicate your full name, and student number.

Consent of Instructor (COI)

Readmission, MRR, Return from LOA

  • For graduate students, coordinate with the CAL GSO.