Art Stud 143 Guest Lecture Series: Art and Artmaking in the Time of COVID – Session 1: Bridging the Gap Project

Art Stud 143: Guest Lecture Series

Art and Artmaking in the Time of Covid-19

11-27 May, Tuesdays and Thursdays | 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm

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Join us as we explore the nuances of contemporary art in a Guest Lecture series that explores the theme of “Art and Artmaking in the Time of Covid-19.” Organized by students of Art Studies 143 (Contemporary Art), a course being offered by the Department of Art Studies, University of the Philippines Diliman, the series starts 11 May 2021, 2.30-4, with Bridging the Gap (BTG): Views and Voices on an Art Collection, which was produced by the Department of Art Studies, in partnership with the Kalaw-Ledesma Foundation.  The BTG Project is a series of recordings by UP Diliman faculty who discuss a work of art from the collection of art patron and UP alumna Purita Kalaw-Ledesma (1914-2005). Gathering viewers from different sensibilities and expertise, the program encourages slow looking, or a prolonged encounter with the work, aiming to exemplify the broad possibilities of viewing art through interdisciplinary lenses.

The group behind the project – Department of Art Studies Faculty Prof. Louise Marcelino, Dr. Robin Rivera, and Mr. Mark Louie Lugue – will share their experiences and insights on conceptualizing and producing the online materials, which are now being used by other teachers of art and related fields beyond the university.

You may also wish to mark your calendars for the upcoming events in this series: 

May 13 – Guenivere Decena

May 18 – Mark Salvatus

May 20 – Womanifesto (Varsha Nair)

May 25 – Gantala Press (Faye Cura)

May 27 – Rocky Cajigan

We hope to see you in each of these talks!

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