Art Stud 143 Guest Lecture Series: Art and Artmaking in the Time of COVID – Session 2: Guenivere Decena

Art Stud 143: Guest Lecture Series

Art and Artmaking in the Time of Covid-19

11-27 May, Tuesdays and Thursdays | 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm 

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Join us on May 13, 2:30 PM, for the second installment of our Guest Lecture Series on “Art and Artmaking in the Time of Covid-19.” Organized by students of Art Studies 143 (Contemporary Art), a course being offered by the Department of Art Studies, University of the Philippines Diliman, we focus this time on an artist from Bacolod City, Negros Occidental in the Visayas – Guenivere Decena, a multimedia artist whose works present “the in-betweens, interconnections and the possibilities we can find all around us.”  

Guen, as she is fondly called, is also an organizer and co-organizer of a number of artist-run projects, including AIID (Artist Initiated Interviews and Discussions), an online platform that features local and international artists; and Art Satellite, which organizes and designs art exchanges, collaborations and exhibitions in Bacolod. At present, she also serves as regional curator for VIVA EXCon (Visayas Islands Visual Artists Initiative and Conference), the longest running biennale in the Philippines. 

Learn more about Guen and her practice, on May 13, 2.30-4. Please do not forget to register by clicking the link:

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