TalaSining: The Arts and Humanities in Life and Culture with National Artist Ramon Santos, PhD

You are invited to the next iteration of TalaSining: ARTS 1 Lectures/Mga Panayam sa ARTS 1, entitled “The Arts and Humanities in Life and Culture”, with National Artist for Music Ramon P. Santos, PhD.

January 29, 2020, Wednesday
2:40 PM-4:00 PM
Rm 1131, Pavilion 1, Palma Hall

Abstract: The arts are human activities that enhance our aesthetic sensibilities, inculcate values, and generate creativity. They are the main instruments in developing a human being, a creature that thinks, feels, senses, makes judgement, emotes, and expresses sentiments, ideas, and feelings. In the field of anthropology, the arts have also been called “expressive culture” or “expressive traditions” because it is through the arts that one can express one’s humanity and sensibilities. Culture, on the other hand, engenders diversity and one’s uniqueness as human beings, bringing about the discovery not only of differences but also of similarities and kinship between peoples. We need to know other cultures and their artistic expressions in order to expand our horizons, knowledge, and appreciation of other people and their own artistic expressions.